Elevating excellence across diverse industries with Akt.

Efficient project management solutions for every sector

Welcome to Akt., a dynamic partner that transcends industry boundaries, shaping projects across many sectors. With our comprehensive capabilities, we deliver tailored solutions that align seamlessly with the unique needs of each industry. Akt.'s expertise is your assurance of excellence from education to industrial and beyond.


Akt.’s prowess extends to the realm of K-12 and tertiary education. From learning precinct masterplanning to student accommodation residential projects, we create spaces that foster learning and growth. Our capabilities support educational institutions in realising their visions with precision.

Government (including institutional spaces)

Government and institutional spaces benefit from our strategic insight. Our government building construction consultancy techniques and detailed reporting regimes offer confident guidance that transform ideas into remarkable realities. With expertise in commercial project management and commercial design management, we bring institutional visions to life.

Health and aged care

Akt. play a pivotal role in delivering health and aged care projects. Our adept team deliver aged care projects with an empathetic and careful focus on ensuring the project delivery strategy and outcomes prioritise well-being. With a keen understanding of the sector, we create environments that promote health and comfort.

Industrial (warehousing, logistics & manufacturing)

Akt. specialise in industrial construction advisory services tailored for logistics and manufacturing sectors. Our expertise spans warehousing construction consultancy, industrial warehouse design, and comprehensive construction services. We excel in optimising warehouses, logistics centers, and manufacturing facilities for enhanced efficiency and productivity. Our streamlined approach ensures timely commissioning and operational readiness within project timelines.


At Akt. our expertise in multi-residential project management and construction consultancy is unmatched. We implement a staged design and value engineering program that systematically addresses the evolving requirements of authority reviews, market assessments, and constructability analysis. This approach ensures a seamless execution and maximises the utilisation of spaces to achieve optimal outcomes.


Unparalleled success in commercial business operations with Akt. As seasoned commercial construction project consultants and experts in commercial procurement management, we specialise in delivering comprehensive project and design management services. Our dedicated consultants meticulously oversee every phase of your project, ensuring spaces that not only inspire but also amplify business success.


Retail spaces are transformed with Akt.’s touch. Our retail project management and construction consultants bring innovation and functionality to retail design. From concept to execution, we create engaging and captivating retail environments.

Mixed use

Akt. excels in the mixed-use sector. Our holistic approach combines commercial, residential, and retail aspects. With design management and project coordination, we craft mixed-use spaces that harmonise diverse functions.

Sports and leisure

Sports and leisure projects thrive under Akt.’s guidance. Our project management and design expertise ensures facilities catering to recreation and entertainment, promoting vibrant communities.

Akt.’s capabilities transcend industry boundaries, delivering excellence across diverse sectors. Choose us as your partner to turn visions into realities that redefine industries. Contact us today to explore how Akt. can elevate your project. Call us or submit an online request form to embark on a journey where innovation meets precision across every sector.