Crafting success through thoughtful project delivery strategy.

Project delivery strategy consultants

Welcome to Akt., where every architectural and construction endeavour is propelled towards success through a meticulous project delivery strategy.

Comprehensive construction project delivery strategy

At AKT Project Management, our seasoned consultants understand that a well-crafted plan is the compass that guides projects to fruition, ensuring on-time and on-budget outcomes. Focusing on key areas like supplier sourcing, logistics management, and risk mitigation, we orchestrate project success by harmonising precision and innovation.

Supply chain solutions

AKT’s construction project delivery strategy is built on the foundation of streamlined supply chain solutions. A robust supply chain is integral to seamless construction phase management. Our project delivery strategy consultants optimise procurement processes, minimise bottlenecks, and enhance efficiency by identifying the right partners and fostering collaborative relationships.

Logistics management

In project delivery, meticulous logistics management is paramount. AKT excels in project delivery logistics management, ensuring that resources, materials, and personnel are orchestrated to function harmoniously. Our experts leverage technology and strategic planning to optimise the flow of resources, contributing to timely project execution while mitigating disruptions.

Stakeholder management

Projects thrive when stakeholders are aligned and engaged. AKT’s consultants understand the significance of project delivery stakeholder management in construction phase management. We foster transparent communication, facilitate collaboration among stakeholders, and create an environment where everyone is invested in the project’s success by addressing concerns, encouraging feedback, and promoting a shared vision.

Risk mitigation

Risk is an inherent aspect of any project, but careful planning can mitigate its impact. AKT’s project delivery strategy emphasises project delivery risk mitigation. Our construction phase management consultants conduct thorough assessments to identify potential pitfalls and develop proactive strategies to address them. By anticipating challenges and having contingency plans, we safeguard your project from unexpected disruptions.

Elevate your project with AKT

AKT’s project delivery strategy is the cornerstone of successful construction project management. From supplier sourcing to stakeholder management, our approach integrates precision and adaptability to ensure your projects are not just delivered but delivered with excellence.

Choose AKT to embark on a journey where every construction phase is managed with finesse, innovation, and strategic insight. Contact us today to elevate your project delivery to new heights, where every milestone is met with confidence and every challenge is met with a solution. Let’s sculpt a future where your architectural and construction projects thrive beyond expectations.

If you require project feasibility / due diligence services, Akt. can provide support in that area too.

Our ProcessWe structure our service delivery offer by using a universal workflow process:
1.Initiation / planning

Strategic advice

Due diligence

Project initiation & planning

2.Documentation & procurement

Design & documentation

Procurement & tender



Practical completion

4.Project close-out

Post occupancy

Defects rectification

Our work doesn’t end on project completion. We continue to work with clients during the defects liability period to monitor and manage all work. This ensures all works will be finished and all items supplied according to project scope.

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