Excellence unveiled through contract superintendent services.

Contract Superintendent Services

Welcome to Akt. Project Management, the embodiment of expertise in contract superintendent services that orchestrate projects with precision and finesse.

Comprehensive supplier sourcing and procurement services

At AKT Project Management, our commitment goes beyond traditional project oversight. We immerse ourselves in every detail, from inception to commissioning, focusing on essential services like supplier sourcing and procurement, construction project delivery management, and project management tenancy coordination.

Project management excellence

AKT excels in sourcing procurement and supply management, ensuring your project’s successful execution. Our experts manage every aspect, advising on optimal consultant, contractor, and supplier contract structures. We deliver tendering and sourcing programs, turning your vision into reality.

Contractor tendering and procurement

Efficient contractor procurement services are crucial for project success. AKT’s contractor procurement consultants ensure compliant procedures and secure the right partners for your project. We implement procurement and supply management solutions that align with industry standards and your objectives.

Construction contract administration

Successful project delivery relies on meticulous construction contract administration. AKT ensures all aspects adhere to established agreements, maintaining legal precedence, minimising disputes, and ensuring smooth project progression.

Tenancy coordination and relocation

Our tenancy coordination and relocation services ensure seamless transitions with minimal disruptions. From lease coordination to relocation logistics, we handle every detail, enabling smooth and efficient relocations for your resources, systems, and personnel.

Project close-out management

The culmination of a project is an art form. AKT excels in commissioning and project close-out management, ensuring thorough hand-over programs, training, and completion of all operational and maintenance manuals. We guarantee that all systems function seamlessly and your project is ready for successful operation.

Choose AKT for your sourcing, procurement, and project management needs, and experience excellence at every stage. Contact us today to elevate your projects to unprecedented heights. With AKT by your side, excellence is not just an outcome—it’s our promise.

If you’re in need of design management services, Akt. is here to provide comprehensive support in that aspect as well.

Our ProcessWe structure our service delivery offer by using a universal workflow process:
1.Initiation / planning

Strategic advice

Due diligence

Project initiation & planning

2.Documentation & procurement

Design & documentation

Procurement & tender



Practical completion

4.Project close-out

Post occupancy

Defects rectification

Our work doesn’t end on project completion. We continue to work with clients during the defects liability period to monitor and manage all work. This ensures all works will be finished and all items supplied according to project scope.

Our other services