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Project development management services

Welcome to Akt., the beacon of expertise in project development management services that transform visions into tangible realities. Our proficiency extends beyond conventional project management as we immerse ourselves in every facet of the development journey.

Comprehensive project acquisition and master planning

At AKT Project Management, we specialise in key areas such as project acquisition consulting, master planning, planning and authority approvals, and leasing advisory. Our expert team guides projects from conception to completion, ensuring excellence at every step.

Acquisition and transaction advice

Our project acquisition consultants provide meticulous acquisition and transaction advice. Understanding that a successful project starts with informed decisions, we offer strategic insights to guide your acquisition journey. From identifying opportunities to navigating complex transactions, our experts set your projects on the path to success.

Master plan development

Master planning is the blueprint of transformative projects. AKT integrates creativity with pragmatism to craft master plans that captivate and deliver results. Our experts work closely with you to conceptualise designs that align with your vision, optimising space utilisation and enhancing functionality to reflect your goals and aspirations.

Planning and authority approvals

Navigating the intricate landscape of planning and authority approvals showcases our expertise. We liaise with regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance and securing necessary permissions. Our comprehensive approach minimises delays and expedites the development process, ensuring your project stays on track.

Leasing advisory and agreement for lease

The final touch of excellence lies in our leasing advisory services. We guide you through the Agreement for Lease (AFL) phase, collaborating with your legal counsel to align construction and facility management aspects with your project’s goals. Our experts assist in negotiating technical aspects of agreements and optimising facility management terms, ensuring your project thrives in the market.

Elevate your project with AKT

AKT’s project development management is a symphony of strategic thinking, innovation, and unwavering commitment. From acquisition and transaction advice to master plan development, our services propel projects toward realisation.

Choose AKT to embark on a journey where development management is elevated to an art form. Contact us today to infuse your projects with the power of project development management services that redefine excellence. Let’s shape a future where your visions materialise with precision and purpose.

Looking for project delivery strategy services? We’re here to assist with that as well.

Our ProcessWe structure our service delivery offer by using a universal workflow process:
1.Initiation / planning

Strategic advice

Due diligence

Project initiation & planning

2.Documentation & procurement

Design & documentation

Procurement & tender



Practical completion

4.Project close-out

Post occupancy

Defects rectification

Our work doesn’t end on project completion. We continue to work with clients during the defects liability period to monitor and manage all work. This ensures all works will be finished and all items supplied according to project scope.

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