Empowering your vision through property advisory services.

Property portfolio advisory

Welcome to Akt. Project Management, your partner in unlocking the full potential of your property ventures through strategic property advisory services.

Our strategic facility management expertise and development site sourcing set the stage for remarkable outcomes for your property portfolio. With a steadfast commitment to business operational excellence, we guide you through a balanced view of your existing asset management and new property acquisition strategy, ensuring your investments thrive and flourish.

As leading Property Asset Management consultants, we specialise in Property Portfolio strategy management, providing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our Property Acquisition Strategy consultants are dedicated to identifying prime opportunities, while our supplier sourcing and procurement services ensure seamless sourcing, procurement, and supply management to support your property goals.

Property portfolio strategies

Our property advisory services at Akt. are grounded in property portfolio strategy management. We understand that a well-crafted portfolio is the cornerstone of successful property investments. Our dedicated team work closely with you to ensure the condition of your assets, lease exposure and on-going CAPEX and OPEX costs are defined and measured. Our strategic insights encompass a holistic view of market trends, risk management, and growth opportunities, ensuring your portfolio remains dynamic and aligned with your vision.

Site sourcing / acquisitions

Sourcing property development sites requires an astute understanding of the market landscape. Akt. specialises in site sourcing for property development, ensuring that you have access to prime opportunities. Our expertise extends to property development site acquisition, where we meticulously assess potential sites for their viability and alignment with your strategic objectives. Our property acquisition strategy consultants work diligently to secure sites that hold promise and potential, setting the stage for transformative projects.

Asset management

A solid property asset management strategy is the nucleus of sustainable success in real estate. Akt.’s property advisory services extend to strategic asset management, where we safeguard and enhance the value of your investments. Our property asset management consultants provide insights that optimise property performance, mitigate risks, and capitalise on market dynamics. Whether maximising rental yield, streamlining operations, or enhancing property value, our asset management strategies are tailored to your needs.

Our track record in engaging our range of property advisory services is a testament to our commitment to our client’s success. From property portfolio strategy management to site sourcing for property development and comprehensive asset management, we are your partner in navigating the intricate landscape of property investments.

Choose Akt. to embark on a journey where strategic insights, market understanding, and unwavering dedication converge to elevate your property ventures. Contact us today to tap into property advisory services that drive growth, enhance value, and position your investments for long-term prosperity. Let’s shape a future where your property endeavours flourish beyond expectations.

If contract superintendent services are what you require, rest assured, we have that covered as well.

Our ProcessWe structure our service delivery offer by using a universal workflow process:
1.Initiation / planning

Strategic advice

Due diligence

Project initiation & planning

2.Documentation & procurement

Design & documentation

Procurement & tender



Practical completion

4.Project close-out

Post occupancy

Defects rectification

Our work doesn’t end on project completion. We continue to work with clients during the defects liability period to monitor and manage all work. This ensures all works will be finished and all items supplied according to project scope.

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