Project management consulting services to help you identify, plan and deliver your greatest property potential.

Project management consultants

At Akt. Project Management, we are your premier construction strategy planning firm. Our team of strategy project planning consultants excels in providing comprehensive project technical due diligence and feasibility study consultations.

We specialise in business operational planning services, ensuring that every aspect of your project is meticulously planned and executed. From project procurement management services to project acquisition consulting, our experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes. Trust Akt. Project Management to guide your projects with unparalleled expertise and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Akt.’s six key services that form the foundation of our approach:

Property advisory: Our property advisory services encompass a spectrum of insights, from acquisition to disposal. We guide tenants, owners, and investors with strategic advice that maximises asset value.

Project feasibility / due diligence: Navigating the path to success begins with comprehensive project feasibility assessment. We bring clarity to your vision, ensuring your projects are set on a trajectory of success from the start.

Project delivery strategy: Orchestrating success requires meticulous planning. Our project delivery strategy services ensure that projects are executed with precision, from initial supplier sourcing to final logistics management.

Development management: Turn your visions into realities with our development management expertise. From masterplan development to program management, we guide your projects through every phase.

Design management: Creativity meets precision in our design management services. Our architectural background enables us to blend innovation with functionality, carefully guiding the design team, translating visions into captivating and purposeful spaces.

Contract superintendent services: Ensuring that projects are on time, on budget, and in compliance with the agreed contract conditions is our specialty. Our contract superintendent services encompass every detail, from tender award to commissioning.

Working within a diverse range of markets and industries, Akt. Project Management’s expertise spans across:

Education: Shaping environments that foster learning and growth in educational institutions.

Government: Enhancing government and institutional spaces through strategic insight and design management.

Health and aged care: Crafting spaces that prioritise well-being and comfort in healthcare facilities.

Industrial: Optimising logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing spaces for efficiency.

Multi-residential: Guiding multi-residential projects from concept to completion.

Commercial: Creating inspiring and functional commercial spaces that drive business success.

Retail: Transforming retail environments with innovative design and project management.

Discover how Akt. Project Management’s array of services can transform your projects into success stories. Explore our dedicated service pages for more in-depth insights, and let us be your partner in shaping a future where innovation meets precision.

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Valley Fresh project
Property advisory

Our strategic facility management expertise and development site sourcing set the stage for remarkable outcomes for your property portfolio. With a steadfast commitment to business operational excellence, we guide you through a balanced view of your existing asset management and new property acquisition strategy, ensuring your investments thrive and flourish....

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Eva Tilley - major facility refurbishment
Project feasibility / due diligence

With a steadfast commitment to delivering value at every project phase, from feasibility studies to successful project completion, we take pride in our holistic approach that ensures your vision transforms into reality. At Akt., we understand that successful projects are born from meticulous planning and strategic execution. Our expertise goes...

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MYOB office expansion
Project delivery strategy

At AKT Project Management, our seasoned consultants understand that a well-crafted plan is the compass that guides projects to fruition, ensuring on-time and on-budget outcomes. Focusing on key areas like supplier sourcing, logistics management, and risk mitigation, we orchestrate project success by harmonising precision and innovation. AKT’s construction project delivery...

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Retail / office site re-development at 388 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Development management

At AKT Project Management, we specialise in key areas such as project acquisition consulting, master planning, planning and authority approvals, and leasing advisory. Our expert team guides projects from conception to completion, ensuring excellence at every step. Our project acquisition consultants provide meticulous acquisition and transaction advice. Understanding that a...

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Metricon Robina new office and display studio development
Design management

Our expertise extends beyond conventional project management as we blend innovation with strategic thinking to create spaces that inspire and deliver exceptional value. With a focus on key areas like project value engineering and change management, we ensure your vision is transformed into a reality that exceeds expectations. At Akt....

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Metricon new regional office, Geelong
Contract superintendent services

At AKT Project Management, our commitment goes beyond traditional project oversight. We immerse ourselves in every detail, from inception to commissioning, focusing on essential services like supplier sourcing and procurement, construction project delivery management, and project management tenancy coordination. AKT excels in sourcing procurement and supply management, ensuring your project’s...

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