Oji Fibre Solutions


Yatala QLD






16,000 sq.m. (building), 25,000 sq.m. (site)

Date Completed

February 2017

Oji Fibre Solutions, Yatala

Construction of base building and commission of paper manufacturing plant.

Services provided
  • Property advisory
  • Project feasibility / due diligence
  • Project delivery strategy
  • Development management
  • Design management
  • Contract superintendent services


The OJI Fibre Solutions project involved constructing a base building and commissioning a paper manufacturing plant. This challenging project required a comprehensive range of services, including property advisory, project delivery strategy, development management, design management, contract superintendent and project supplier sourcing services.

Key challenges included sourcing the development site prior to the completion of the manufacturing design, which required foresight and strategic planning. The project also involved designing the manufacturing system during the site development phase and integrating this manufacturing system within the overall program.

This task demanded a high level of coordination and expertise in both design and development. Additionally, the procurement and design integration of the manufacturing system was complex, particularly given the requirement to source a qualified and experienced manufacturing construction manager who could seamlessly integrate with the developer during the completion of the base building. Furthermore, the client’s intention to purchase the property at the end of the development added another layer of complexity to the project.


The outcome of the OJI Fibre Solutions project was notably successful. The integrated manufacturing fitout methodology employed by the team enabled a flexible and responsive platform. This approach facilitated the procurement and coordination of 11 manufacturers from 6 different countries.

The team’s innovative strategy and diligent management led to the construction of the base building and the installation and commissioning of the plant in just 11 months. This swift and efficient completion is a testament to the team’s ability to handle complex, multi-national projects, delivering exceptional results within tight timelines.

The success of this project reflects the team’s dedication to creating efficient, innovative solutions in industrial construction and development.