Victorian Government, COGG


Geelong VIC






700 sq.m.

Date Completed

October 2022

Dennys Place, Geelong

New pathway as part of Geelong's laneway network expansion.

Services provided
  • Project feasibility / due diligence
  • Project delivery strategy
  • Design management
  • Contract superintendent services


The Dennys Place Laneway project in Malop St, Geelong, presented Akt. Project Management with an intricate tapestry of challenges, underscoring our expertise in project superintendent services, design management, and project delivery strategy.

The building, constructed in 1860, brought forth a significant heritage aspect. This necessitated the inclusion of an archaeologist during excavation, aligning with our commitment to heritage preservation. The original design, completed prior to the purchase of the building, required a comprehensive re-evaluation to ensure alignment with the current context and our robust standards as construction project feasibility specialists.

The project was intricately woven into the urban fabric requiring a proactive stakeholder communication strategy. This was affected by defective local underground infrastructure needing rectification, and situated amidst residential apartments and operational food and retail businesses. These elements, coupled with the challenges posed by COVID-19 on construction resourcing and material supply, demanded a nuanced and adaptive approach.


To navigate these complexities, our approach was multi-faceted and strategic. We initiated early destructive due diligence and construction advisory reporting on the base building and proposed design. This proactive step ensured any potential issues were identified and addressed prior to the completion of the design phase.


Recognising the challenges in the supply chain due to the pandemic, we adjusted the head contract to strategically enable the early procurement of high risk materials. This foresight mitigated potential delays and ensured a smooth construction process.

We divided the design documentation into packages, enabling measured project design value engineering during the procurement of the Head Contractor. This approach allowed for flexibility, Head Contractor early involvement and proactive cost-management without compromising on design integrity or program.

Central to our approach was active communication with the local community. Through open forums and social media platforms, we engaged with residents and businesses, ensuring transparency and fostering a sense of involvement and collaboration.


The Dennys Place Laneway Project culminated in a triumphant success, with all the required initiatives achieved. The resolution of infrastructure legacies in both the laneway and the adjacent precinct marks a significant milestone in local urban environmental management.

Our dedication to maintaining the heritage reference paid homage to the historic story of the building and its precinct. A highlight of the project was the integration of local indigenous artwork, adding a layer of cultural significance and community engagement. This aspect not only beautified the space but also deepened the project’s connection with the local heritage and narrative.

The project was delivered without any closure of local business operations, demonstrating our ability to balance urban re-development with community interests.