Perri Projects


Port Melbourne VIC


Commercial, Industrial, Mixed Use




4,500 sq.m.

Date Completed

September 2023

359 Plummer St, Port Melbourne

Conversion of building to office and warehousing.

Services provided
  • Property advisory
  • Project feasibility / due diligence
  • Project delivery strategy
  • Development management
  • Design management
  • Contract superintendent services


At Akt. Project Management, we thrive on turning challenges into successes, and our work on the 359 Plummer St, Port Melbourne project stands as a testament to this ethos. Faced with a multifaceted challenge, our team demonstrated unparalleled expertise in contract superintendent services, design value engineering, and master planning, aligning with our commitment to delivering excellence in maximising outcomes for property assets.

The project’s complexity was compounded by the presence of an operational tenant in the adjacent building, requiring us to balance development activities with ongoing business operations, showcasing our adeptness in property advisory and project strategy.

A critical juncture was reached when the original Head Contractor approached liquidation. Our team adeptly assumed the role of construction manager on behalf of the client, navigating the complexities of a design and construct contract. With challenges associated the building and town planning authorities, our expertise in project due diligence shone through. We meticulously reviewed head contract agreements, sub-contractor engagements, and ensured compliance with building permits and design standards.


The successful culmination of the 359 Plummer St project is a reflection of Akt. Project Management’s unwavering dedication to achieving and surpassing project goals. Our comprehensive approach to design, contract and authority compliance ensured every element met the stringent requirements set forth.

Financial reconciliation was conducted with the utmost precision, a cornerstone of our project due diligence services. This meticulous process was crucial in retaining existing subcontractors and awarding new contracts, ensuring continuity and excellence in project delivery.

A significant achievement was the pedestrian lift compliance and installation, a task that demanded both technical expertise and strategic foresight. Securing the building permit was a pivotal milestone, marking our capability in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

The project reached its zenith with the attainment of practical completion, a moment that signified not just the end of construction but also the successful implementation of our combined design and construction management service. This project stands as a beacon of our ability to transform challenges into triumphant outcomes, a journey where strategy, expertise, and commitment converge to create real-estate excellence.