Metricon Homes


Robina QLD


Commercial, Retail




4,500 sq.m.

Date Completed

October 2021

Metricon, Robina

New office and display studio development.

Services provided
  • Property advisory
  • Project feasibility / due diligence
  • Project delivery strategy
  • Development management
  • Design management


The Metricon Robina project, involving the development of a new office and display studio, presented a series of intricate challenges for Akt. Project Management. Our team’s skills in design management, development management, and construction project delivery strategy were crucial in addressing these challenges. The primary objective was to source a new office and display suite location that provided clear public access and fleet parking for Metricon business operations.

Additionally, we were tasked with defining, negotiating, and managing base building integration works under the Agreement For Lease, a complex process that required thorough project feasibility and due diligence. The integration and management of client supplier agreements with the design team and sourcing a suitable Head Contractor also presented significant challenges, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought about unprecedented global disruptions, including resource shortages and supply chain issues.


In response to these challenges, Akt. Project Management achieved major savings and increased efficiencies for Metricon Robina. The savings were realised through the strategic integration of base building works and the implementation of a National FF&E and Finishes Procurement Strategy across all three national Metricon projects. This approach not only streamlined the development process but also ensured a high level of consistency and quality across the projects.

The Metricon Robina project stands as a testament to Akt. Project Management’s dedication to overcoming complex challenges and delivering outstanding results that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Our expertise in identifying and maintaining focus on quality design outcomes ensured that the balance between high-end retail and efficient workplace design was achieved.