Valley Fresh Australia


Marsden Park NSW






7,000 sq.m.

Date Completed

October 2017

Valley Fresh Australia, Marsden Park

Major cost and program savings for base building program.

Services provided
  • Property advisory
  • Project delivery strategy
  • Development management
  • Design management
  • Contract superintendent services


The Valley Fresh Australia project, a new fresh fruit ripening facility, was a complex undertaking. Our expertise in property advisory, project delivery strategy, project development management, design management and contract superintendent services was crucial in overcoming the unique challenges of this project. The primary challenge was the design of the fresh fruit ripening facility, which had to adhere to strict EPA and Food Services design requirements.

Additionally, the market brief for the project required the inclusion of a specialist nominated subcontractor, which added a layer of complexity to the sourcing and novation process. The task of sourcing and novating a separate Coolroom / Ripening subcontractor to the Developer was critical and required a highly strategic and meticulous approach to the contract negotiation.


In response to these challenges, Akt. Project Management successfully achieved significant cost and program savings for Valley Fresh Australia. This was accomplished by integrating the fit-out design and procurement strategy of the ripening room and product treatment systems into the Base Building program.

Our approach ensured that all aspects of the facility’s design and construction were streamlined and efficient, resulting in a facility that not only met but exceeded the required standards and expectations. The strategic integration of various components of the project allowed for a more cohesive and cost-effective development process.

The successful completion of the Valley Fresh Australia project is a testament to Akt. Project Management’s ability to navigate complex design and development challenges, delivering results that not only meet but also maximise value for our clients.