Richmond VIC






3,000 sq.m.

Date Completed

October 2017

MYOB, Richmond

Office tenancy expansion / warehouse conversion.

Services provided
  • Property advisory
  • Project feasibility / due diligence
  • Project delivery strategy
  • Development management
  • Design management
  • Contract superintendent services


The MYOB project involved an ambitious office tenancy expansion and a warehouse conversion. We were tasked with providing a range of services including property advisory, project delivery strategy, project development management services, design management and contract superintendent services. The project posed several significant challenges.

A key challenge was defining, negotiating, and managing adjustments to the base building integration works under the Agreement For Lease. This required a delicate balance between meeting the client’s needs and adhering to the terms of the lease agreement. The project also faced a tight program with multiple stakeholders involved, necessitating exceptional coordination and communication skills.

Another major challenge was the exposure to base building material condition, which required careful navigation to ensure that the converted spaces met all regulatory standards and client expectations. The conversion of a warehouse into office space added a layer of complexity, demanding innovative design and development strategies.


The successful completion of the MYOB project is marked by several key achievements. One of the primary successes was the negotiation with the landlord for selected base building makegood works, essential for the building classification change under the Building Code. This negotiation was crucial in aligning the development with both legal requirements and MYOB’s specific needs.

The project was also marked by the successful delivery of a Guaranteed Maximum Price contract. This strategy provided cost certainty and risk management for MYOB, ensuring that the project remained within budget without compromising on quality or functionality.

Furthermore, all stages of the project were completed on time and on budget, demonstrating the team’s proficiency in managing complex, multi-faceted developments. The timely and cost-effective completion of the project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in property development and client satisfaction.